Technology and Revolution: ThoughtWorks, Monday, November 13

Please join May First/People Link, the Progressive Technology Project and ThoughtWorks at the Thoughtworks Manhattan office on Monday, November 13 from 6 to 9:00 pm for a Progressive Tech Salon (99 Madison Ave, 15th Floor, New York).

Tools have an important role in our movement - and our role as techies in figuring out the design and training components is critical. However, we also need to think as organizers, and begin addressing the bigger role technology plays in shaping both society and our movements.

How can our movements go beyond the defensive? What role does technology play in building such a strategy? Can we succeed without having more control over technology’s role in society? Should technology for liberation play a more central role in our movements?

May First/People Link has been organizing a series of convergences in the US and Mexico to raise questions about the role of technology in revolution. In November, we would like continue building this campaign with your input.

Where: ThoughtWorks, 99 Madison Ave, 15th Floor, New York
When: Monday, November 13, 6 - 9:00 pm

Drop us a line at if you can make it.