The Survey Results are in

Thanks to everyone who filled out our membership survey!

For anyone who wants to see the raw results, please follow this link.

Following is a brief summary on the results.

What are the three most critical software or software services that you use on a regular basis for your organizing work?

Email (24%) and web sites (16%) dominated the results, with collaborative editing software (10%), instant messaging (9%), video conferencing (9%) and social networks (9%) coming in next.

What are the two areas of digital security you or your organization needs help with the most? (pick two)

Protecting private information was the clear winner here (40%), with training in second (25%), followed by protecting information from being taken down (19%) and protection from personal attacks (16%).

May First/People Link is heavily involved in several campaigns, coalitions and conferences, including the Technology and Revolution Campaign, Media Action Grassroots Network, the Association for Progressive Communications, the Left Forum and the Allied Media Conference. Please tell us your level of familiarity with our work in these areas

Over 2/3rds of our members are generally familiar with our work (68%), while 10% had no idea we are engaged in this work, and 22% follow this work closely.

Do you attend the annual May First/People Link membership meeting?

Fortunately, everyone who filled out the survey has heard that we have a membership meeting.

However, the greatest percentage of respondents indicated “I have heard of it, but it is not a high priority within my organizing work to attend” (37%). Followed by 24% who have actually attended a meeting in the past, 19% who have not attended a meeting but plan to, and 20% who responded with “I have heard of it and want to attend, but I am not in NYC or Mexico City and don’t want to attend online”

Over the last two years, the members have voted on and approved the organization structure described here: Please comment on it.

The overwhelming majority of respondents reported being satisfied with our structure (76%), with 21% reporting that the structure is sound, but could use improvements, and 2% being unsatisfied with it.

Lastly, we asked four free form questions.

Please list the three most critical pieces of software you identified above by name and/ or brand

What is the primary technology challenge in your organizing work?

What else can we do to improve MayFirst/PeopleLink?

Most of these answers were too diverse to summarize, but we encourage everyone to follow the link to see the raw results if you are curious.

Please describe how you would like to change the structure

Although we received a diversity of responses, a strong theme emerged around a desire for more communications and opportunities to be involved.

Many thanks to member Clayton Dewey and the Agaric Design Collective for help getting this survey together.