2017 Membership Meeting Huge Success

Thanks to all 2017 Membership Meeting participants - online, Brooklyn and Mexico!

See below for the results of the meeting.

Friday, December 1, 2017: Pre-meeting Training and Presentation Day

Unedited full recording is available in spanish. For english, click links below.

  • Introductions, Orientation, documents, history of MF/PL (listen)
  • Email deliverability: Challenges with corporate take over of email (listen)
  • Peer to peer technology: launch of organizing campaign in 2018 (listen)
  • Technology and Revolution: What we have learned from the previous year (listen)

Saturday, December 2, 2017: Membership Meeting

  • Please see the report on last year priorities.

  • Technology and Revolution: Based on results of our year-long Technology and Revolution campaign, we broke into small groups to finalize movement strategies. See the results.

  • Given our proposed movement-wide strategies from the morning, we chose the priorities of our organization for the coming year. See the resulting priorities.


The following candidates were elected to our Leadership Committee:

And the Proposal about transparency in rulemaking about the Internet Membership Meeting was approved with 93% of the vote.