Membership Agreement

May First/People Link is a very diverse organization and our statement of unity and membership benefits reflect our goal of uniting all progressive and social justice activists. In that context, our members expect some things from each other and our staff. What members can expect of our organization and staff:

  • Our organization will upgrade, maintain and expand all equipment and commonly shared software based on members’ needs and our capability.
  • Our organization will assure that all our networks and systems are functional and that, in the case of an outage or problem, our staff will prioritize repairs, fixes and substitutions when necessary.
  • Our staff will provide full, responsive and respectful technical support via our public ticket tracking system.
  • Our directors will communicate with the entire membership regularly and openly on organization issues and developments and report any emergency situations, their status and what we’re doing about them to the entire membership when an emergency arises.
  • Our organization will protect your data by fiercely resisting un-authorized attempts by others to access it (including legal and non-legal strategies) and by running nightly onsite and offsite backups.

What our organization and staff expects of our members:

  • As members, we respect the boundaries of taste, decency and respect for all peoples in the content of web sites and other communications.
  • Members pay our dues in a timely fashion as one of our key ways of supporting our organization.
  • Members support each others work when and however we can given our own programs, strategies, goals and resources.
  • Members treat our staff with respect and sensitivity to the enormous amount of work they contribute to our organization.
  • Members participate in the growth of our organization by encouraging other people they know to join.
  • Members assume responsibility for maintaining, upgrading, fixing and modifying the software and web sites specific to their membership.

If you have questions, comments or, sure, disagreements after reading this, please feel free to let us know.