Member Benefits

May First/People Link members, along with all movement activists, benefit from the political organizing and technology leadership of the organization. As active supporters of global movements, such as the social forum and free and open media and technlogy coalitions, May First/People Link contributes our political thinking and technology skills to these important areas. We also contribute to the development of new technologies that are consistent with our political vision of a free and open Internet, including support for free and open source software and open network and data standards.

An important additional benefit of May First/People Link membership is the option (if you choose to make a benefits contribution along with your membership) to fully use of our shared, state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure. Built entirely on free and open source software and maintained with the security concerns and features needed by activists groups, our network allows members to host web sites, email accounts, mailing lists, databases, and just about any Internet-related service used by the movement. With 700 members ranging from beginners to technology experts, our shared network encompasses a huge range of options and a friendly environment to share experiences and knowledge.

When you choose to pay the optional benefits donation, you receive full access to all the benefits described above.

If you choose to only pay the membership dues, you are entitled you to a single email address, Nextcloud account and XMPP/Jabber chat account and you can always add the full benefits at a later date.

For a more complete description of our services, please see our services wiki page.

Payment Details

Paying in US dollars:

  • Organization
    • Membership dues: $50
    • Optional benefits donation: $150 ($200 total)
  • Individual
    • Membership dues: $25
    • Optional benefits donation: $75 ($100 total)

Paying in Mexican pesos:

  • Organization
    • Membership dues: $410
    • Optional benefits donation: $1230 ($1640 total)
  • Individual
    • Membership dues: $205
    • Optional benefits donation: $615 ($820 total)

Technical Details

For the technically curious - our shared hosting infrastructure supports all common programming languages (PHP, perl, python, ruby, etc), the most common databases (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite), un-restricted ssh and Secure FTP access, webmail via the Roundcube web mail server as well as full, encrypted access via IMAP or POP, the Mailman email list software, access to our bulk mail relay system (which sends hundreds of thousands of email messages daily), logins for our shared ownCloud server, accounts on our shared XMPP (Jabber) service, and many more services. Our members run Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Wikimedia, CiviCRM and many other content management systems and databases. All servers run the Debian stable operating system.